Ancient Medicine

"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow" ~ Zhi Gang Sha

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Azoth's Formula

Everyone seeks their own version of 'The Philospher's Stone' as a healing tool, to help them through life's many challenges. There is a limitless amount of knowledge on self-healing techniques, most with a very modern twist that can become extremely overwhelming to sift through. A lot of my research has involved gathering together, ancient knowledge of the human body and how the ancients were able to connect the healing power of natural elements to cater for every organ in the body.

This website is to raise awareness of the earth's ability to provide us with natural remedies. Some are so common, that they are taken for granted on a daily basis. This earth is ours to share and is ours to learn from and give back to. Through the wisdom of the ancients within every culture, there is still time to provide ourselves and our loved ones with the purest form of healing techniques provided for us by this earth for free.

This site also welcomes anyone to add their knowledge of alternative healing techniques as an inspiration to those that feel lost in their quest for a solution to their mental, emotional and physical challenges. Nobody should be left to feel alone. It would be an honour, to show and share links of those trying to raise awareness about their healing ideas. If you give permission for me to do so, I will gladly highlight your websites or social media links on my page as well, by adding your hard work under certain categories of topics that I will be sharing on here. If you get time, please look at my daily healing techniques.

This site is also for those, looking for someone to listen and talk to about their journey so that they can find a way to improve their lives via a non-judgmental healing program, filled with techniques to help you on your amazing journey through life! 

Please check out my 5G awareness posters on the the tab at the top of the page. You can download them direclty from the site by right clicking on a poster and selecting 'Save image as..' then share or print them out. You are more than welcome to help me fight against the deadly waves that are killing off our precious wildlife and causing serious life threatening illnesses in those we love and care about!!

May you find your own tranquility as you grow and flourish on your path through this life. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, hope it helps you out some how. :)

One of the most beautiful lectures full of guidance and wisdom.

Manly P Hall, a man with a message, who's life was taken from him, silenced because of lectures like this one. He believed in sharing the mysteries of the ancient ones. He was taught by many tribes and cultures growing up and his message is profound. "“Every soul is engaged in a great work!" - Manly