Ancient Medicine

"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow" ~ Zhi Gang Sha

First feel free to contemplate this.....

How a flower can reveal many secrets and answers towards our daily healing lessons. Thank you to Eckhart Tolle!!

If you live in a city like me, then you can understand how tremendously hard it can be to find some peace. Below are just a few healing techniques that I use daily and that have made such a massive difference to me. Perhaps they will for you too! :)

Healing can not be rushed and how someone heals is highly personal to the individual. I am still learning to heal myself, but feel a great need to share certain ideas with anyone that wishes to take the time to listen. My studies have taken me deeper and deeper into the spiritual realm. What I am about to share with you may seem obvious to some or just plain silly! But they work for me and really hope they do for you too! I will keep adding information on this website and link it with my other social media sites that I have just started to build upon. Thank you! whoever you are for reading this far at least. May your life be blessed with love, luck and positivity! :)

Burning Incense

This is something I do regularly and depending on the type of incense burning, it can help me fall deeper into a meditative state, (for example Copal Resin, which is a sacred Mayan scent used in many of their rituals), whilst also feeling very relaxed or if I am feeling stressed I might burn some Sandlewood and perhaps burn it with some Frankincense for general cleansing and balancing emotions. Cinnamon helps with this as well. Frankincense and Myrrh work very well together and are known to relieve anxiety and stress. The Nomads in Africa use this incense a lot for spiritual purification, protection and to enhance spiritual development. A special moment for the tribes when placing offerings to their ancestors. Dragon's Blood is a very sweet but also a spicey and earthy resin and is said to empower ones mind and body so that the soul can re-energise. Lavender is also great for deep meditation and I tend to burn wax scented drops in an incense burner to create a relaxing environment. My Lavender drops are very soothing but I strongly advice that you check the scent of lavender incense before buying as there are many different kinds, some stronger than others. I have placed pictures below for you, with words on labels showing where or who I purchased my incense from.

Lavender can also help when you are feeling low and can correct disruptive sleep patterns.

This incense holder has solidified lavender and Pink Dragon Fruit in the bowl, ready to be lit and melted again.

The pumice stones are sandlewood scented and can be placed on a radiator to give off a lovely warm, woody smell. They will not melt! :)

Clear Quartz Crystal and Sacred Gem Stones

Given to me by my kind and loving brother, this clear Quartz Crystal is associated with the Crown Chakra (Chakra stone 7 also pictured below), because of its 'master healing' properties. A brilliant glassy-white rock that draws away any negative energies, whilst cleansing the air at the same time. This Crystal is well know for its superior ability to give energy and light to those who feel tired and lost. It is a great barrier against radiation and many other types of pollutants that can drown out the fresh air in a city. This crystal can stimulate and strengthen the immune system, enhancing blood flow to the brain and for those with very deep spiritual insights, it can aid in psychic abilities by cleansing and opening up the third eye.

A similar stone, which is a very special one for me, is the Amethyst, so will explain its significance from an objective and personal point of view. It is pictured below and is a slightly pinkish violet stone, with the brightest white merged into it. (It is chakra stone 6), which is also associated with the Crown Chakra as well as the pineal gland. This stone is known for protection against many things including electromagnetic frequencies, negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour in others and relieves stress by soothing irritability. This stone can trigger lucid dreams and has the ability to help the dreamer find the wisdom to interpret their meaning. The stone acts as a talisman and guide through this challenging life.

Colours of the Chakra Stones may differ slightly, but I have placed mine to the left in order, to reflect the chart on the right. I also wear the Chakra bracelet regulary.

A few more from my collection of gems...

The Amethyst stone is on the top left of the picture and is pinkish Violet, with brightest white merged into it. I keep this stone with me as much as I can, as not only do I find it beautiful, but the stone works as a reminder, that no matter where I go, or who I am with, nothing is more authentic than the raw essence of nature. This can be lost in such an advanced digital age and it is easy to become consumed by it through addiction. We are made to believe that we 'need' it to the point many feel lost without it. The Amethyst is also known to help conquer anything that may be highly addictive. This stone can also act as a medical aid and helps to sooth headaches, works against cellular disorders, hearing loss, general injuries, fights against tumours and cancer and much more!

Jasper and Crystal Moon Labradorite....

Jasper Stone (on the bottom left of the picture above, a lovely mixture of orange, black, yellow and white), is known to be aligned with the electromagnetic energies of the planet. Helps to keep a person present and focused on the 'now'. This Stone gives isolation a new meaning, by helping a solitary person to be still in their aloneness and encourages reflection with the energy source so they can be released from unconcious thought. This stone is a 'supreme Nuturer' and helps to reasure and comfort a person who may be going through difficult times, by making difficult decisions. This stone provides security and allows a person's aura to be cleansed and balanced so that they can help themselves, help others. Shamans and other ancient tribes wore Jasper for protection in this world and the afterlife. This is highly significant in the Egyptian 'Book if the Dead'. Kings and priests wore this talisman because of its sacredness in the Holy Scripters. The Apostle Peter was said to have derived his name from'Jasper' (the rock Christ was said to have built his Church upon). The Labradorite stone (on the bottom right of the picture above, which is a beautiful mixture of greeny-yellow with streaks of blue), is a sacred stone of the shamans, healers and psychics. This stone helps as a guide, especially in times of change, that may seem daunting and scary sometimes. This stone helps ease a person into accepting change and transformation, aiding them to let life flow by releasing resistance. It brings strength by a way of motivation and perseverance. This amazing stone acts as an aid when someone is going through the troubles associated with awakening. Helps to ground and instill wisdom against a world that can seem very dark and unkind at times.

Singing Bowls and Orgonites.

Purchasing a singing bowl is highly personal because it requires the person to test out the sound of the resonating frequencies created by the bowls before purchasing them. This is because the bowl is best used when it fully harmonizes with the person. It is alright to purchase more than one as long as the sounds give a healing resonance to your body and soul. You usually know which sounds respond to you and those that don't when you test them out. There are many different kinds of singing bowls, There are great websites all about singing bowls, two of my favourites are called or So if you are thinking of purchasing one, then feel free to look on there.


A thoughtful gift

A beautiful gift from my loving sister! Reading a page a day is refreshing and trains the mind to think in a positive way. Best to read a page from a book full of mindful quotes in the morning. This will boost the start of your day and will lay down a great platform for a better state of mind. This will in turn, improve your outlook on any event that unfolds throughout your day.

Thank you Sis!! ❤