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The Healing Power of Orgone Energy

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Dr. Wilhelm Reich, his 'Orgone Accumulator' and 'The Cloud Buster'

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the Father of Orgone Technology

As Stated by the documentary ‘Wilhelm Reich Orgone Energy’, “Dr. Wilhelm Reich was arrested and tried by the Food and Drug Administration, for his experiments with Orgone Energy. An energy that he claimed could help mankind, even cure cancer, using another device he called the Orgone accumulator. They destroyed his machines and burnt his books. He died on November 3rd, 1957 in Lewisburg Penitentiary. In his will Reich stated that his unpublished papers, were to be locked away until the year 2007, 50 years after his death, when as he put it, ‘Man would be ready for his concepts’.”

In the 1930s, an Austrian physician and psychoanalyst, called Dr. Wilhelm Reich, discovered a way in which energy, that he coined ‘Orgone Energy’, could be harnessed and so dedicated two decades of his life studying how this energy could be put to good use. The amazing link to this energy that was present in the atmosphere and the human body that Dr. Reich said, also contained Orgone Energy, was detailed in his early experiments. He invented special instruments and gathered a whole range of apparatus that could harness this energy and store it.

Dr. Reich was very interested in helping others and so spent his time treating terminally ill patients, such as Cancer sufferers and other life-threatening illnesses. He also demonstrated its use in motors and is numerous weather experimentation devices (famously known as ‘The Cloud Buster’).

As Dr. Reich says; “You must revamp your whole way of thinking, so that you don’t think from the standpoint of the state and the culture but from the standpoint of what people need and what they suffer from. Then you arrange your social institutions accordingly”.

Dr. Reich's Experiments

Dr. Reich always had willing volunteers that would be subject to numerous tests in his labratory. Here he was able to link the measurements of a charge on the skin's surface that was directly related to feelings of pleasure or anxiety. According to his experiments, the charge on the skin would increase if the subject was feeling pleasure and decrease if the subject was feeling uncomfortable. This gave the impression that energy felt through pleasure, was the indicator for the way energy moved within the body. For example from deep within the body to the surface of the body and visa versa for discomfort.


To Dr. Reich this enery was electrical and demonstrated this in other steralized and unsteralized substances and organisms such as grass, sand, blood, charcoal and food extracts will break down into a pulsating. blueish mass of tiny vesicles which he called 'Bions'. Note that the blueish colour was not due to the 'Bions' giving off this shade, but the result of the light from the microscope, shining through the transparent bodies of the vesicles.

According to Roger M. Wilcox, "The term "bion" refers to the vesicles into which all matter disintegrates if made to swell. These vesicles represent transitional forms between non-living and living matter. The bion is the elemental functioning unit of all living matter. Wilhelm Reich later renamed them "orgone energy vesicles." 

This link is an extremely good read that goes into detail when explaining Dr.Reich's 'Bion' experiments:

Reich observed the 'Bions' and their internal mobility, he also realised that the 'Bions' under certain conditions, were able to kill certain unwanted cells form the body, such as bacteria and Cancer cells, when the 'Bions' accumulated a glow of a type of radiation phenomenon, around themselves. THIS radiation phenomenon was what Dr. Reich reffered to as 'Orgone Energy'. This was the energy that could charge organic matter.

“There was no doubt of the existence of an energy possessing extraordinarily high biological activity. It remained only to discover what its nature was and how it could be measured.” The Cancer Biopathy

Dr.Reich wanted to be able to use this energy and make it functional, so he had to find ways of collectng and storing it. Certain materials, such as cotton, wool or plastic, were great when it came to storing Orgone Energy as they were able to attract, absorb and hold the energy. The matellic materials such as steel or iron, attract and deflect the energy in either direction. This was the reason for Dr.Reich's small boxes, that would be prototypes for his bigger experiments. He would layer the boxes with metallic and organic materials and alternate the layers accordingly. The inner walls would be lined with metal.

This layering would create an energy attraction from the organic material which would then be directed into the box via the metallic material. The organic layer would keep the energy from deflecting back out and so it was there to reabsorb the energy bouncing off the metallic layers, which was needed to send the energy inwards and finally into the actual box. This would result in a great amount of Orgone Energy inside the box because the more layers that were used, the higher the concentration inside the box.

A very good way of measuring this, was placing a thermometer inside the box, displacing it just above the area where the Orgone Energy would enter and placing a thermometer outside the box, to record and measure the constants of temperature difference. This was contradictory to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, which states, in Layman's Terms;

'Energy is transferred or transformed, more and more of it is wasted'.

For those of you that want more of an academic description, please see the link below:

Dr.Reich's Accumulator Experiments on People

These boxes were not only used to measure the amount of energy that would accumulate inside the box, but also to test how the build up of radiation would affect the cancerous cells of mice. Dr. Reich’s experiments using cancer mice, showed that the radiation was working against the cancer cells, so Dr. Reich decided to test his theory on people.

This meant that he had to build a box big enough for an adult person to sit inside. 1942 was the big year of his experimentation on people. Reich was so passionate about helping others, that he didn’t charge any money for his treatments and he also did not promise that his patience would be cured. All his patients were terminally ill and had stated to Dr. Reich that their medical physicians had given up on them and in some cases, they were told that it was a hopeless case to even think about recovery.

RESULTS: Dr. Reich’s treatments improved the following for his patience:

1. Overall improvement in health

2. Improved blood conditions

3. Increase in appetite and weight gain

4. Relief of pain

5. Tumours that not only shrank but also disappeared

These first test subjects had a better chance of surviving if they had gone to Dr. Reich in the earlier stages of their diagnosis. Each patient had, psychologically resigned themselves to never getting better again because of what they were told. Therefore, this psychological effect can also have devastating consequences on the overall health of the body when it is trying to fight against a deadly invasion. Unfortunately, his first test subjects did end up passing away but to honour them, Dr. Reich kept on working on his Orgone Energy.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton highlights in this clip below, there is a cure to Cancer and it usually begins with the psychological mind of the patients themselves. The body can heal if the mind can see a different perspective on what it means to heal against anything! The conditioning of society has kept people clamped down to the idea that Cancer means that their life is over.



Why the belief to heal, can have miraculous results....

Dr. Bruce Lipton dedicates his life to the study of deadly diseases and the effects it can have if it is not first treated by the mind of the patient themselves.

Dr. Reich's Rise and Fall

Dr. Riech, discovered that in high humidity, the minute particles of water suspended in the air, absorbs and holds Orgone Energy. This made it difficult for him to keep working in the Summer periods when he was living in New York, so he moved away to Maine, where the humidity was low most of the time. There he founded an Orgone Laboratory for his work on Orgones and he built a lecture room where he taught and lectured students and opened libraries and studies too.

All this research and building was funded by Dr. Reich himself with his savings that he had built up whilst working as teacher and a physician, although he did also have support from his students as well and they were free to contribute at will. His work was becoming popular in America to the point that his work also had a place in psychology, medical classes and biophysics.

By this time significant improvements had been made under the Orgone academic circles and to Dr.Reich’s delight there was a new but very important development to his theory. This was in the form of a motor force that could generate vast amounts of Orgone Energy. Dr.Reich demonstrates this amazing discovery by powering a motor with Orgone Energy straight from his own body. He also managed to power a motor by using the Orgone Energy in the surrounding atmosphere.

Reich was making a lot of headway and numerous breakthroughs with his pioneering research, but this was to be short lived. He soon found himself being ripped apart by Journalists, one whose name has become well known for destroying Dr. Reich’s vital contribution to society, her name was Mildred Brady. In her article, she slated Dr. Reich as a fraud and a danger to society. She even complained to the FDA, who then did a 10-year investigation into Dr. Reich’s years of painstaking research.

Dr. Reich was accused of a whole manner of unlawful activities, esp concerning the Orgone Accumulator. The FDA set out to destroy his work and so rifled through every detail of his place of work and questioned all who was associated with him in his work. They were making a massive effort to find any person who either worked with him on his research or had been volunteers and study subjects during his experiments, to announce their disappointment with his work or treatments. The FDA failed miserably and found no one to satisfy their witch hunt.

Amazingly, Dr. Reich stayed strong enough through all these accusations to carry on with his amazing work! He focused his attention on harnessing Orgone Energy from the atmosphere. This is when the ‘Cloudbuster’ was invented. This unbelievable device could effect weather patterns in the surrounding atmosphere by manipulating the concentrations of orgone energy within that area.

The Cloudbuster has many useful attributes and is still being used today in a variety of ways and designs. There is desk top Cloudbusters and some that are beautifully designed and only a few feet in height that fit nicely in small gardens or spaces, then obviously you can get the large Cloudbusters for those serious gardeners or farmers that have 1 to numerous acres of land.

The Cloudbuster works via a row of hollow metal pipes attached to cables that were placed underwater for a stronger way of gathering Orgone Energy since water absorbs and harnesses this energy much better than the surrounding atmosphere. The energy is drawn through the hollow metal pipes and is then gathered via the gradient of a lower concentration of atmospheric Orgone Energy, to a higher concentration of Orgone Energy in the water. This method was Dr. Reich’s invention to produce clouds and evaporate them.

In 1953, there was a long drought in Maine and farmers from all over the land were turning to Dr. Reich so that they could use his Cloudbuster to invite rain. This hit the papers and as the weather forecast announces no rain for another few days, Dr. Reich gets to work on the farmer’s scorched and dry lands. Only 10 hours later, there was a drizzle of rain that kept constant until the rain became more intense. The result over several days was just over 2 inches of rain. Amongst other things, the farmers at the time were growing blueberries and thanks to the Cloudbuster, their produce was saved. This was highlighted in the local papers.

The following year, the FDA filed an injunction for a complaint against Dr. Reich in the Federal Courts in Portland, Maine. Surprisingly, even after the obvious demonstration that his theory worked, the compliant put forward was that Orgone Energy was a lie and did not exist. Therefore, it was agreed that an injunction was needed where there would be no shipment of his Orgone devices anywhere in or around Maine, to anyone who was looking to purchase his amazing instruments and there would be a stop to his book sales about Orgone Energy.

Dr. Reich then sent a long letter to the Judge Clifford, who would set the injunction against him. He explained, (before the injunction was fixed against him), the use of his scientific methods and the fairness of sharing information and freedom of opinions surrounding this type of work.

In one of Dr.Reich’s sentences he writes; "Scientific matters can only be clarified by prolonged, faithful bona fide observations in friendly exchange of opinion, never by litigation...”

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On March 19, 1954, the injunction was issued but by default, which meant that it was as if Dr. Reich had never written to the Judge in response to the warnings of an injunction. Dr. Reich had an amazing ability to keep going regardless and in the face of all that was trying to take him down, he did more experiments in Arizona. He used his Cloudbuster to see how it would work in the scorching and barren desert. This was when his work was put to a halt. One of his students called Dr. Michael Silvert, moved a truckload of accumulators, books and various other Orgone equipment from Rangeley, Maine to New York City, which was a direct violation of the Injunction. The FDA wasted no time in charging both Dr. Reich and Michael Silvert with criminal contempt of court. On May 7th, 1956, both men were found guilty and Dr. Reich, was sentenced to 2 years in the federal prison, whilst Michael Silvert was sentenced to just over a year.

Below is an extract taken from;

"The Wilhelm Reich Foundation--founded in Maine in 1949 by students and friends to preserve Reich's archives and to secure the future of his discovery of the Cosmic Life Energy--was fined $10,000 (which would be approximately $80,100 today). While Reich appealed his sentence, the government carried out the destruction of orgone accumulators and literature. In Maine, several boxes of literature were burned, and accumulators and accumulator materials either destroyed or dismantled. In New York City, on August 23, 1956, the FDA supervised the burning of several tons of Reich's publications in one of the city's garbage incinerators, including titles that were only to have been banned. Among the materials burned were:

Orgone Energy Bulletin (12,189 copies)

Emotional Plague Versus Orgone Biophysics (2,900 copies)

Annals of the Orgone Institute (2976 copies)

The Oranur Experiment (872 copies)

Character Analysis

Cosmic Superimposition

Ether, God, and Devil

Listen Little Man!

People in Trouble

The Cancer Biopathy

The Function of the Orgasm

The Mass Psychology of Fascism

The Murder of Christ

This destruction of literature constitutes one of the most heinous examples of censorship in United States history. On March 17, 1960, additional copies of these same materials were burned in New York City under FDA supervision".

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