Ancient Medicine

"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow" ~ Zhi Gang Sha

Your Spiritual Strength

"Discover the strength of your spirit. Nothing else can ever compensate or compete with its power" - David.T.Fagan

This was an extract I felt was neccessary to write, not because I wanted to give the impression of having the ability to live life through the awareness of my spirit with 100% purity, because I definitely do not and I am still learning to overcome my own challenges that test my own strength and will. Some of what I have written, I have achieved but a lot of what I have written, I have not and so still practicing. Meditating to feel the intuition of my own awareness in spirit as well as reading other people's views and ideas about the spirit from many other researchers, writers and religions, has helped me to gather a picture of what it means to live in spirit. This whole extract below is just a taster of what I think it means to live in spirit. I am willing to add another extract below this one, for those that wish to add their own versions on my site, of what they think it it means to live in spirit. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this! :))

You're talking to yourself...listen!

Your spirit is free from materialism and therefore does not belong to that world but can feel its effects through your body. To be in spirit is to form no judgements against another because it sees only the reflection of itself, which is the spirit of another so does not include the physical form of any other person.

Your spirit is silent and untouchable and only observes the body it is housed in. To be in spirit is to know who observes and therefore does not react by losing vital energy to external and material challenges.

Your spirit is already in knowing and can be blocked by the ‘mind’ from interacting with another to be real and truthful. To be in spirit is to be in acceptance of those that misjudge or misunderstand you because your spirit knows that their spirit is being blocked.

Your spirit has influence on another whether you’d like it to or not, because the spirit is made from the energy that vibrates in harmony with the universe. To be in spirit, is to be aware of your actions and the ripple effects this will have on others and so the spirit makes sure that whatever emotions the body receives, the reaction must be from a place of love in the heart. This is what it means to stay in your spirit, even if your body is going through unbelievable pain.


Your spirit is automatically free from what is called ‘Sin’ in the bible because the term ‘Sin’ means to transgress, to be lower in awareness than your own spirit. The word 'Sin' is often misinterpreted to mean evil, which it isn't in the true sense of the word. If you live by the ‘mind’ and allow the body to overtake in its actions all the time, then you are living in the ‘Sin’ of transgression, which will pollute your spirit over time. To be in spirit is to take moments meditating to allow the 'mind' and body to let go of the spirit, so that your spirit can guide you to be at peace with what is happening in the physical world around you.

Your spirit is designed to live in truth and so your spirit will let the ‘mind’ and body know when it is living in a lie. This usually happens when others who are speaking the truth are not believed by those who are living a lie. To be in spirit is to be aware of the illusions surrounding the ‘mind’. To rectify its faults and to allow the spirit to heal the body without judging others the way the ‘mind’ judges your physical self for the mistakes that you make.

Your spirit can transform the ‘mind’ to give power to the spirit. The spirit will then see what others cannot or will not see. This is because the spirit can see way beyond the physical realm and into the eternity of the invisible. To be in spirit is to allow the transformation of your ‘mind’ to give way to the spirit, no matter how many people around you try to prevent it. As it usually means taking away the power you used to give to others who used you, so you can to grow and become no one’s possession or energy bank.

Your spirit is the light and therefore shines out with words and actions in this sacred truth. Those who choose to live in darkness are not living in the light because what they do, they do always in secret and therefore in regression. This is not the same as the spirit being in darkness because of circumstance or because it needs an awareness to understand the contrast. This is knowingly and willingly living in regression regardless of the pain they cause others. Some only turn to the light when they are caught out, perhaps by those closest to them but then they have the chance of rectifying themselves through their spirit, if they choose. To be in spirit is to live in the light no matter what others say or do, as they may show hate and jealously because of your new higher level of existence.


Your spirit wants to shine because it wants to guide others away from feeling lost or lonely ect. The spirit is the light of guidance that will not dim for those living in the shadows as the light of that spirit wants to show the truth of its existence. To be in spirit is to serve others and to be humble towards those that show kindness and selflessness. The true spirit wants to learn from others and experience life through the perception or perspectives of the hearts of many and NOT because of the material possessions they may have. It wants to open the ‘mind’ of the body to show how living in spirit will mean believing in the invisible that lasts for eternity, because those that invest themselves in the material will lose everything as the material cannot survive eternity.

Live through your spirits and you will find the peace and happiness that is already there inside you. It isn’t something you find outside of yourself; it is something you release from your body, so it is beyond your body, it is your spirit that belongs to the divine network and the interweaving pattern that transforms all who abide by it, within the great mandala of life.

Namaste! :))