Ancient Medicine

"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow" ~ Zhi Gang Sha

From Universal Co-Masonry

Hermeticism is a religious, philosophical, and esoteric tradition based primarily upon writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus ("Hermes Thrice Great").

1. Universal Law (The Law of Evolution applied to the moral and ethical life of the individual - Reincarnation and mentalism)

Law is the eternal will of the creator, wisdom and love. It is the greatest of all things. Law is not limiting but stays firm to protect everlasting life which falls under the truth of reality in the visons of the great 'Mind'. Law will remain as a shield for those who abide by this truth as it is all understanding, respectful and loving. Law is changeable and can compromise. If a person lives in harmony with Law, they will live a good life with grace and virtue. No one can go against this Law, if they do try to modify it, that path which is the same part of that Law, no matter how hard they try to oppose it, will go against the works of the divine and therefore, those that wish to own this power for themselves. We have nowhere to hide against this immense power that is the universal Law and therefore all those that are resistant will be dissolved back into the acceptance of it.

As Manly.P.Hall quotes; “The Law bends all things back to itself”

The universal Law will not be noticed by those that live by it, as much as it will be noticed by those that don’t, as the great force always disciplines the Law breaker to make better choices so that they align once again to the great Mandala of life.

An example of working in harmony with Universal Law, is the way someone produces and invents something. If they bring about something that will be beneficial to those around them, then they are within the way of the Universal Law. If they invent to gain in selfishness, then that universal Law will not only destroy their spirit, in the sense of the Law breaker resisting its power enough to destroy themselves, but they will also cause an immense shift for others, which they will have to overcome.

In this never-ending circle of patterns with people resisting the Law and people going with the Law, it is inevitable that the struggles and challenges that are faced by those flowing in Universal Law, are unfairly comprised of the residues of those that refuse to abide by it. But these struggles, depending how people react to them, (Second Law of the Universe, being cause and effect), will either dissipate or remain to be seen within a new pattern of resistance via the person/s that have been affected by it.

Codes were given for this Law which has been passed down through the principles of the Deities and they stand for the noble lives of individuals and the deep respect that enabled people to work together, in arts, music, agriculture, family life and different religions ect. Helping the self to help one another to grow.

The Ancients recognised a network of Laws. These are called Septenaries, These Laws were manifestations of one Law (The root of life). It is a constant emergence of new life and growth, which has been termed in the modern times, the 'Law of Evolution', in the sense of perpetual unfoldment like a seed turning into a tree. The growth from natural roots, moving to manifest and improve itself as it grows, which in turn, helps the universe to improve its growth patterns for many others to grow in the same way.

Manly.p.Hall quotes; “The law of evolution is the Law of eternal becoming.”

Nothing is still, everything is in motion, to grow in a particular direction as the universe intended. Like a sacred surprise from the seed to a new expression that grows in harmony with life around it. It is a procession that is traveling through itself and towards itself and the perfection of the creator.

2. Law of Cause and Effect (Which covers the Law of Karma is brought within the personal experience of the individual and their problems)

Related to the Law of Evolution is this the' Law of Cause and Effect'. This Law tells us how we evolve and how we come to operate in this life. Our living beings were in need of knowledge and in the past man was limited because they had to start from somewhere to create and pass these down. It was their responsibility to start the motions and patterns of growth, through trial and error.

These are the causes that are directly proportional to its effects. Meaning, it is a valuable lesson of how causes happen to make effects and therefore the result of ‘action and reaction’.

As Manly.P.Hall quotes; “Everything that exists, bears witness to a reason for its own existence. There can never be an effect inconsistent with its cause and therefore there is no cause that does not produce a consistent effect”.

Through this a person realises ‘reaction’ within his own existence and the stages that come after. These patterns that are set in motion, will continue to manifest further as a creation within The Logos and so will continue as a reminder of the cause that was first set in motion.

There is no use trying to escape the actions created, which on this physical earth is represented as an illusion due to society drumming into the masses, that the universal Law will not bring about a divine lesson on every individual that has manifested something by their actions. Instead we are taught to judge others and the faults they make that have made life unbearable to harmonize with sometimes.

3. Law of Polarity

The law of cause and effect (That balances), goes into another Law, which is the Law of Polarity. In this Law, the 'Cause' is  positive and the 'effect' is  negative. Everywhere is the Law of polarity of negatives and positives. Creation moves between these poles of negatives and positives, like day and night linked to various Gods.

The breath of Sheba was taken away, as mentioned in the Berean Bible, represents the hard works done and the marvel of results, where rest could then be applied. This is the work created in the parallels of the ebbing and the flowing of the tides, waking and sleeping, life and death or life after life, of the physical ect.

Polarization of generation in the great platonic year, (25,000-year cycle or 25,920 to be more exact, are two periods of fertility and sterility). The fertility symbol, is creation and the sterility symbol is the 'mind block of the people', who are being held back and this could therefore be the result of natural transgression of, for example; the failng of crops and money problems.

As Johnathan Black quotes, in his book, 'The Secret History of the World'; "People breath on average 25,920 times per day, which is the number of years in a great Platonic year, (i.e the number of years it takes the sun to complete a full cycle of the Zodiac). The average or ideal human life - seventy two - also has the same number of days in it."

Action and reaction (Cause and effect) and action and repose (Polarity) is all in harmony and therefore if one changes, it all changes.

Then there is equilibrium, which is the idea of the suspension of motion. Often there are extremes in people from one Polarity to the next, hence the word 'Bipolar'. Enthusiasm to the total lack of motivation vs quiet and reposed but motivated. Extremes to no extremes. People love extremes especially in emotions, as to them it shows that they are alive or stand for something, which isn’t always true. A lot of this can be egoic and attention seeking with a false sense of confidence which brings insecurities and a delusion of what it is to be truly happy.

Moderation is the life of equilibrium, the place between and the place with no reaction to unimportant material drama. That said equilibrium is the hardest thing for anyone to attain as it is Nirvana and the end of the imbalance of conflict within the person. Things remained unfinished and unbalanced if they are not in complete equilibrium.

Motion IS through polarization to equilibrium. “The unbalanced forces must perish in the void”.

Egyptian Book of the Dead quotes; “The soul of the deceased is measured against the feather of ma’at, if the scales balance, the soul may pass on to the blessed land”.

Polarization gives us contrast as in light and shadows, pain and pleasure, hopes and despair, gains and losses. Anything given up is always filled with something else with the same weighty substance as the thing before. The good thing is, whatever is given up, may be coming forward to a person in a better form than the one thing  previously sacrificed or lost.

Socrates quotes; “All things not too much”

Moderation is the key, for meditation and reflection to observe and be appreciative of those that he or she truly values. Polarity is operating everywhere. All relationships are polarized, every interaction, which is needed for growth.

The interesting part of all this is that everything in itself is in equilibrium, even the spirit of man. But man searches for this through the associations of another, one example is some people, in unhappy marriages will search for this in another by allowing internal emotions to influence external emotions extensively. This will give too much weight and pressure to the other in the partnership and it will bounce back, until both bodies of energy are depleted. Love can sadly turn to hate in these scenarios. 

This can also be seen in extroverts and introverts. Both are needed for polarization to work and so people are complimenting the process without imbalance if they have both inside them. To be able to be an introvert and an extrovert, it requires a different measure of responsibility through life. A person will hold one or another without knowing it but harnessing both is best as it produces beauty in art and music and other forms of meditative activities and not just interactions with other people.

That said, moderation in polarization, is demonstrated in a person's ability to interact with what they love and are learning from, as well as with those they do not know and those they do, no matter how many interactions are made in their life-time on this earth.

4. The Law of harmony and rhythm

The gentlest of all the laws which exists like a dance, a motion and the resonance of life.

Daoist Philosophy, recognised god as a reality with the great rhythm and beauty without beginning or end. Here is the concept of beauty. It is also shown in the maths brought forward by Pythagoras.

There are sacred numbers that Pythagorus claimed to be able to hear within the music of the spheres, perhaps of the body and the planets which were connected, for example, the beat of the heart.

Everywhere in nature is rhythm and harmony. Harmony means order and equilibrium in a sense of balance and an unfoldment of things. A perfection full of grace and beauty that is the reflection of the Law, like the pattern of the snowflake or sea shells and the twisting of the leaves and the petals of a flower. Even the mountains and seas, fields and forests are full of symphony.The peace of silence is also beautiful.

Life itself is geometric, everything wants to be beautiful and symmetrical, but what is considered imbalanced in physical formation is still extremely beautiful, as nature gives what is required to be so.

If something is harmonious and rhythmic in its existence, this means that beauty is far deeper than the beauty of any material structure likened to the stillness of death. We are all conductors of an orchestra when seeking harmony in all that is natural and pure. Dance the dance of life even with all its struggles and challenges but with grace and therefore harmoniously and rhythmically.

The conduct of a person, if not positive, is in a criminal mindset against the universe, therefore imbalanced and they will trip themselves out of the harmony of life. Interruptions will bleed out energy from those not in harmony and therefore they will not be efficient in the accomplishments of their deeds. Harmony always, moves with us through life. Therefore people can be deeply affected by music and this is why people need music to heal, as healing frequencies help us to grow well. The ill can therefore be made better and the lost can find themselves.

From the Book; ‘The Cosmic Octave’ By Hans Cousto; “...harmoniously united, like the elements of Logos and Eros. This is the philosophy expressed by Dai the Elder and Dai the Younger in The Book of Customs, one of the most valuable works in Chinese philosophical literature. Indeed, in the old Chinese wisdom teachings, based on Taoism and expressing Confucianism, music was one of the basic means of improving and refining human life”.

5. Combining all 4 laws above: (The great Law of Analogy).

Analogy to ancient man was the ancient key to all knowledge, because nature is always repeating its own processes. Leonardo de Vinci captured this in the human body and face. He knew all things were alike in substance and principle. The laws moved all into an internal pattern, because they all have archetypal conformity.

A Famous Hermetic quote states; “That which is above, is like that which is below, that which is superior is like that which is inferior.”

This also means large and small, things that are said to be of great significance verses those that are hardly noticed, although just as important. The cell and the atom are all mini worlds.

It is said by the ancients that "Everything moves upon one key and pattern and whoever possesses that key possesses the key to all knowledge. If man can know all of one thing then he will know everything".

“know thyself”.

All bodies are houses for souls and all souls are houses for bodies. Everything has the same geometric design. The Law of analogy can approximate the law of the universe.

Paracelsus said; "We have a bridge or binder of those within ourselves and those in space".

So if a person could understand these things within themselves they would understand the workings of the universe. They can only understand something externally from within first, they cannot understand something that is from the external first to understand what is internal second.

Then comes the secrets of 5 (to 7); Please read more about the sacred 7 in the other tab under this second of Universal Law, "Significance of 5 (to 7)".

In all known religions around the world there is a fundamental pattern that exists as the number 7. The secret is, that there is always 5 of something and two unknown. The two unknown are almost always filled in, by a symbolic analogy. This is shown below in various forms (not just in religion), as well as being shown in the Septenaries. This is why I have placed 'Symbolic Law', in the titles below for the analogies.

Here is a little taster; In Mahayana Buddhism, 5 of the celestial buddhas are recognised 2 concealed.

Our 5 senses are recognised and 2 concealed.

5 races are recognised yet 2 are still to come.

5 continents are known, 2 are yet to come.

In Astro-theology, the ancients didn’t know 7 planets, just 5 but added the sun and moon. They became the 'blind' or marker for the planets not yet known then, but that are now known. This is like the Septenaries as seen below in symbolic law. Ancients recognised the 7 laws but added 5 of which the person must fill in themselves after they gain wisdom and truth through life's challenges, so the last 2 Septenaries are shown as rebirth and Karma.

6. Symbolic Law: Unknown Law, (but has been placed with The Law of Evolution) applied to the moral and ethical life of the individual – Reincarnation or rebirth

This is simply the Improvement of forms. The law of evolution applied to the moral and ethical life of the individual. They are blinds or cover Laws. Buddhism would agree as these laws exist in the level, we know them because they come from the 'mind' of man. This Law will only exist when a person awakens to the illusion of his reflection in life.

7. Symbolic Law: Unknown Law, (Covers the Law of Karma is brought within the personal experience of the individual and his problems)

 Law of Karma is the Cause and effect in the individual and their problems. Again a Law that has a cover in place but one that will change according to the conduct of the life of a person and a person that is aware of their position within the whole universe. In other words, to not just see their deeds in relation to Karma but to realise that it isn't just about them, but the whole picture of the motions vibrating within the entire universe. Our bodies are like the smallest cogs that turn the smallest wheels in the story of  life for a fraction of a second but can cause changes that will ripple right through the cosmos which will also change the dynamics of existence for everything.

Reincarnation and Karma

Reincarnation and Karma is man-made yet related to and totally dependent upon the two greater Universal Laws. This is because it is based on a person's acceptance of certain illusions in their own nature. The Law of rebirth is a person's acceptance of the need to survive as a person. The original concept of evolution had nothing to with people surviving.

Evolution has only to do with God perfecting, so people are just an instant or a moment in the whole evolution process. The individual wills themselves to exist as themselves, rather than believing only reality is immortal, (like the Buddhists believe). Western culture has taught us to focus on ourselves rather than the whole of the Universe as evolving, A very egocentric level in a person's own consciousness will not allow them to see the true Godliness of the creations of the universe. This is because they is just see their own existence as the main attribute in the existence of life, like it is that, which is the reason for the Universe existing and moving.

When the person gives themselves up to the universe, then they will become selfless in their existence through the deity of creation. They may have to endure what they may not like to endure but if they know they can not endure it, then they must let it go otherwise like the wise Buddah says “Endure it”.

Wisdom is the endurance to learn how the cause reveals the reaction. Manly P Hall quotes; , “Nothing real ever dies, nothing unreal ever survives. No cause will produce an effect excess of itself nor a deficient of itself. No effect when it becomes a cause can produce a cause inconsistent with itself.”

Buddhist teachings say; "The individual in the presence of an effect is able to produce only a commendable reaction within himself"

like a karmic dept that may lead to adversity, or trial or pain or loss, may cause the person to become indignant, so they fight back and become  intolerant or vindictive, or start to blame others. By doing this they immediately start to set up a chain of negative reactions. But if the person is gracious, kind, gentle and is able to release in patience with no extreme attitude so that they may grow and ask the universe how they may go about doing this, then they will experience peace and much less pain and karmic law will NOT hold the same weight as it did when the person was reacting in a negative way because of it.

They will then be in harmony with moderation that neutralises the power of karma, because karma acts on action and reaction. The karmic overload will be diminished through this grace and virtue in paying this Karma off in humbleness and therefore everything they will experience will be pleasurable.

BUT BE AWARE; Very few people can carry happiness without spoiling it. Fortune and good times can manifest arrogance. When things seem to always be going well a person may become lazy.

Be aware of yourself and grateful always for the harmony, but do not stop moving with gracious acceptance, as this will mean more inward tranquillity that will be inherited with no dept but only peace and silence which will cause the individual to eventually be free from Karmic dept.

Manly.P.hall quotes; "Who lives the life will know the doctrine. This is god made manifest in his works."

The Septenaries: (The web of universal energy that has been adopted by all spiritual belief systems around the world).

Those that want to study the Septenaries in greater detail, (after reading my simplified version of it below), I highly recomend the genius that is known as Godfrey Higgins, who is the only person known to have compiled a treasure trove of analogies involving the significance of 'the numerical equivalence' to the names of deities throughout the many religions of the world and the connections between them via the Septenaries. His book is called 'Anacalypsis' and there are 2 volumes as far as I am aware.