Ancient Medicine

"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow" ~ Zhi Gang Sha

Astro-Theology, and the meaning of 5 (to 7):

Ancient intuition was the main attribute that the ancients needed when it came to discovering things themselves. Their thoughts and understandings were different to the modern mind, therefore ancient knowledge that has been lost or destroyed is always going to be a great detriment to the modern ways of teaching when interpreting ancient texts. It has become harder to truly see past the hypnotic chaos in society today and it is harder to take time to focus on the core of ancient wisdom. Unfortunately, a lot of this has been misinterpreted with mostly negative associations towards life in the physical realm, when most of the ancient belief systems came from a place way beyond the material and into the invisible world of ‘no matter’.

Alchemy is one of those subjects where, elements are represented as something deeper than just the actual elements alone. Some researchers have mistaken these elements as a literal example of what the alchemist was trying to transmute in his lab, when really the experiments were a far deeper ancient analogy about the person’s spirit, apposed to a description of, for example, the way water and air effects the body.

To know more about the Alchemical experiment, which was popular during the Alexandrian period, please go to the (,  ‘Arcanum Experiment’ tab under Azothsformula, after reading this article about the ‘Significance of 5(to 7)’.

The ancients lived in a type of untouched and internal illumination which was a contrast to the modern thoughts that have kept us stuck in our ways. Here we will attempt to befriend the mind of an ancient belief system, one that runs through many other religions and spiritual belief systems.

“I call upon the One Most High God to let the disciple know the nature of his Lord of Love: Seven the aspects of love of God, Seven the colours of the manifesting One, Sevenfold the work, Seven the energies, and Sevenfold, the Path back to the Centre of Peace. Let the disciple Live in Love and Love in Life. The Soul is the Son of God, the product of the union of spirit and matter. The Soul is an embodiment of consciousness of mind, the expression of divine, intelligent, awareness. The Soul is a unity of energy vibrating in unison with one of the Seven Ray Lives and coloured by a particular ray of light. So the Rays, the influence of the Rays that are found around the throne of God, the 7 Rays, or the 7 throne heads, or the 7 Archangels around the throne of God is respectively what we call the 7 Rays, or cosmic celestial Rays, and those Rays make up absolutely everything. From science you can look at Pythagorean law and see the application of the Rays through music, sound, and geomancy.” by Buddha Maitreya

7 planetary dieties and Confucius

As Buddha Maitreya states above, examples of these sacred numbers are demonstrated in many ways through philosophy, science, maths, music and religion and in many other areas of life. Plutarch spoke of the 7 rayed God, symbolic to the governors of the planetary Deities and the representation of the steps towards inner healing and salvation for the physical body through all the Chakra points.

This is linked to the meaning of the word ‘Planet’;

(Greek: planetai = meaning "wanderers"):

The 7 wanderers are also depicted in the Egyptians, Hindus, Greeks, Persians, Chinese and most likely the Babylonian belief systems.

Note that these 7 planets, with 7 deities, had different names in different cultures although their symbolism and spiritual meaning were all identical, no matter the difference in their names.

As mentioned in the Septenaries of Universal Law, the ancients only knew of 5 planets and 2 luminaries in close relationship to the earth.

The East Asians had 7 principle deities within the Chinese belief system. They had the 5 ancestral gods and sun and moon deities, which I will go into more later.

In the story of the 'Annunciation of the Birth of Confucius', there were 5 old men that entered in a vision. There was also a magical animal (a kind of Unicorn, that I must mention due to its connection with other things that I will speak about in another section). These 5 old men announced the coming of the great sage. (an almost identical story to the Nativity). At the time of his birth, these 5 old men were on the roof of the house in which he was born. These 5 old men represented the planets and their divine presence which has been remembered as highly significant by Chinese Emperors ever since the birth of this sage was known.

In addition to the 5 old men, the Chinese also intermated 2 mystery Gods which were concealed behind other symbols. They may have been the mystery planets later to be discovered, as in Uranus and Neptune, which were concealed behind the sun and moon.

I have added a very good read about the ‘Annunciation of the Birth of Confucius’, in this link and article below. It has been written by a very inciteful and open-minded person called Daniel Harper. His answer to someone who challenges him in the comments, is extremely well thought through and his reply shows a deep knowledge of this subject and also demonstrates, how education can still breed ignorance in others, which sometimes can create a very limited view of a subject if people are not willing to broaden their minds so they don’t misunderstand the full story (In this case Confucianism), with the challenger having a very limited view of the whole subject.

7 Races and 5 Vowels of sound

The 7 Races of existence and 2 unknowns, have been studied many times with various researchers giving their own unique perspective on the inhabitants here on earth and the origins of each race and where they came from. The link below is to an article that covers such belief systems involving race, from the Esoteric standpoint and gives a great outline to the origins of the races that resided here on earth many centuries ago which have led to a very mixed view about where it all began. This article also debates the acceptance or rejection of sacred belief systems that hold the significance of 7 at the very centre of their doctrines. Looking at one subject from many angles and perspectives is a healthy option for open-mindedness as I believe that everyone has a piece of the true puzzle that makes up the whole truth and it is up to us to find that truth in every picture that is given to us in a well thought-out and clearly researched manner!

The Greeks believed that the 7 gods of the planets were represented in the 5 vowels (2 unknown), which corresponded with a specific vibration of sound.

According to Jocelyn Godwin; in his book “The Mystery of the Seven Vowels – (In theory and in Practice)”: “The seven vowels, which we use every day in speech, are truly mysterious things. Analysis shows that vowels depend on the phenomenon of harmonics, which is at the very basis of music, while our sensitivity to them proves that the human ear is naturally attuned to harmony. When we hear vowels, we are hearing the laws of harmony, which are ultimately the laws of number that are said the govern the universe. There is also an esoteric tradition that links the vowels to the seven plants of astrology and the gods that rule them. The mythological background includes such topics as the vowel-names of IAO, IAHWE, and other gods; the invocations of planets used in Egyptian temples and in Greek magical incantations; the power of wordless song to illuminate and heal, and even--if the reports of occultists are true--to aid the soul after it has left the body,”

In certain cultures the 5 and 7 represented AEIOU..SOMETIMES W AND Y. Dr.J.B. Rhines in his extra sensory perception research, said that man has 7 senses with 2 concealed.


The study of Sacraments for the laity or the priest hood had 7 where 5 were known and 2 were concealed until the modern day, where they have now been filled.

In the Kabbalah, Moses wrote 7 books of which 5 are the Pentateuch and 2 are lost. The modern-day re-writes of the 2 that make 7 are forgeries dating from the middle ages. The original of the 5 books of the Law is only 5/7ths of the completed original version in revelations, considering the divine creative power as the Septenary.

In ancient times, pages were lettered instead of numbered. The number 7 was Law according to Pythagoras. It was the number of the universe and the Gods and the immutable principle that lies at the root of existence.

Manly.P.Halll states; “In the Kabbalah, the creating ‘word’, was spoken in the form of the 7 Vowels where 2 were a mystery or secret letters which could not be known and for the deficiency of which the great name could not be restored capture or preserved. In the Jewish works of Genesis there is Elohim, the 7 creating powers of the great Deity that fashioned the world with the spirits of God that moved in the face of the deep. Identical to the Armenian Artifices of Egypt. They were the creating attributes released by the speaking ‘word’ of creator spoken in vowels.”

Christ had 7 halos of 7 rays which are the 7 powers of Messianic Dispensation. According to;

“To understand exactly what a dispensation is, there are two major words in the Greek language from which the concept of dispensations comes. The first Greek word is oikonomia, from which our English word “ecumenical” is derived, means, “to manage,” “to regulate,” “to administer,” “to plan.” The second Greek word, aion, means “age,” and emphasizes the dispensation in its element of time. So, on the one hand, the term dispensation refers to a specific way by which God administers His program and His will in the world, and on the other hand, it covers a period of time. As to its content and meaning, a dispensation is a stewardship, a responsibility, or an administration. As to time, it is an age, because every dispensation covers a period of time. Within each dispensation, God administers His economy, His rule, His authority, and His program in some different way than the previous dispensation. Dispensations are separate periods of time in which God dispenses His will in a specific and unique way, based on a covenant upon which a particular dispensation is founded.”

In the book of revelations there are 7 churches in Asia, closely linked to the 7 chakras of the Tantric pedantic system in India. Systems always break up so some only believe in 5 and some in the 7.


In the Doctrines, Pythagoras related 7 to the powers of universal generation with the soul as a numerical mystery patterned in the geometry of 7 with an 8th sphere surrounding it on the outside. That 8 is also in the Gnosis, in the Gnostic books in Egypt, which contains information, that is far more important than the dead sea scrolls, due to its existing hundreds of years before the scrolls.

Information has great bearing in the esoteric use of numbers and their principles. A person in contemplation could ‘move’ the vowels but not by mouth, they could manipulate them internally, to perform for them in various ways according to what the person needed them to do. We are talking about the resonance a person had with the vowels and so there had to be the sense of forming a pattern around themselves in space, where these sound vowels were everywhere, behind, in front, above, below and even in the centre of the person.

In the Gospel of truth, in the great Gnostic writing, there is an 8th sphere called the ‘Abyss of the Dead World’ or the ‘World of Darkness’ which is in fact, our planet. The ancients called this mystery, ‘The abortion’ and the ‘Abode of the Fallen Spirits.’ Pythagoras called it the sphere of generation, where 7 energies of the soul were therefore with the 8th power, which was the power of generation. The power was given to precipitate the soul into a physical form and associate itself with material things.

The 8th Planet, can be found in various religious sects who worshiped the diamond peacock and the 8th sphere.

In Christianity, the Virgin Mary holds the man child clothed by the sun and stands on a globe.

The globe is the 8th sphere, presented in the Gnostic rituals.

In Revelations there are 7 lamps and the great figure that moves among them. There is the Tabernacle and temple Rites of the Jews, (the 7 branched candle stick is the symbol of the 7 planets).

Manly.p.Hall quotes; “This 7-fold archetype forces man to consider the number 7 around him because he moves from a point of 7 inside him.”

As already mentioned in my writings of the Septenaries, Godfrey Higgins had an amazing capacity for analogies and the discovery of Septenaries and their numerical equivalence to the names of deities through many religions in the world. Please see the link below for more;

Ptah, Martin Kenny and the 7 Dwarfs

In Egypt, Ptah the potter of Memphis, the deity who fashioned the world on a potter’s wheel in the form of the egg of Seb/Keb, was the great mother goose who is depicted in numerous ancient legends and fairy stories. This is also depicted within numerous religions whose belief was that the world was created in the form of the egg of a mother goose.

This next subject was brought to my attention by a good friend. It is a link about a flat earth believer called Martin Kenny. Although I have more questions than answers over the shape of the earth, I found that he very cleverly describes this egg/earth belief system in some of his YouTube videos. As an open-minded person, I think it is important to listen to those, even though they may have very extreme views and beliefs on subjects that they have spent years studying. So it did not matter if I believed in the flat earth theory or not as his research does actually cover truths about the ancient egg analogy for the existence of earth and its inhabitants, from on particular perspective, but a very good one. Keep an open mind and please watch his extremely educational videos about this subject. He is clearly extremely clued up about some of the ancient's beliefs and how the ‘mind’ of the universe gave way to human existence, (like in the Vision of Hermes T.).

THE COSMIC EGG: An extremely good lecture on the origins of human life through the eyes of the ancients

Highly recomended, no matter what your beliefs are on the shape of this planet. Stay open minded.

Going back to Ptah who fashioned the world egg, this was the work of the master builder and potter. Ptah was the Lord Governor over the 7 Arminian Artifices, which are known as the dwarf builders, who are represented glyphically by the Egyptians. They all held knives of which the worlds were carved out of space. They were said to have come out of earth near the site of the Great Pyramid. They were the ancient ones, the 7 creating powers or Laws.

The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World - Description of each taken mainly from,

Brought to my attention after reading, Manly.p.Hall's, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages," (Highly recomended if you want to wake up to the true meaning of ancient symbolism), the 7 wonders of the world suddenly stood out as more than the great imprints that have astonished everyone especially, historians, archeologists and geologists world wide.

They also represent the 7 planets, in the most unbelievable way possible! This you will find out! due to the fact that each one was built by different people at different times and in different parts of the world!! How is it possible that each nation managed to cover one planet each with a 'Wonder?'. It seems beyond comprehension! Below is the evidence;  researched from various books and websites;

1. Saturn - symbolised death – Mausoleum of the Dead -

Mausolus (Mausolos or Mausollos) was a satrap of Persia who ruled semi-independently in Caria in modern southwest Turkey from c. 377 BCE, and Halicarnassus (or Halikarnassos) was selected as his capital c. 370 BCE. When Mausolos died c. 353 BCE, his body was entombed in what became known as the Maussolleion or Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and was built from c. 367 CE, and was probably completed around 350 BCE.

2. Roman God Jupiter – Also known as Zeus to the Greeks - 

Was a giant statue at Olympia in Greece, created in the 430s BCE under the supervision of the master Greek sculptor Phidias, the huge ivory and gold statue was bigger even than that of Athena in the Parthenon.

3. Venus due to her symbolising fertility, fits with the Hanging Gardens of  Babylon - 

The majority of scholars agree that the idea of cultivating gardens purely for pleasure, as opposed to the production of food, originated in the Fertile Crescent, where they were known as a paradise.

Nebuchadnezzar II  captured Jerusalem in 597 BCE. The Babylonian king then set about making his capital one of the most splendid cities in the world. The Ishtar Gate was built c. 575 BCE with its fine towers and depictions in tiles of animals both real and imaginary, a 7-20 km brick double wall surrounded the city - the largest ever built - and then, possibly, he added the extensive pleasure gardens whose fame spread throughout the ancient world.

4. Mercury or Thoth or Hermes – The Great Pyramids of Giza –

The Great Pyramid at Giza was constructed between 2584 and 2561 BCE for the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu (known in Greek as `Cheops') and was the tallest man-made structure in the world for almost 4,000 years.

5. Mars - The Great Lighthouse of Alexandria - 

This symbolised fire in many cultures, for example in India, where fire is also linked to Surya or the Sun and Mangala or Mars, and with the south-east direction.

The lighthouse was built on the island of Pharos outside the harbours of Alexandria, Egypt. It was around 300 BCE that Ptolemy I Soter (r. 323 - 282 BCE) commissioned the building of a massive lighthouse to guide ships into Alexandria and provide a permanent reminder of his power and greatness. The project was completed some 20 years later by his son and successor Ptolemy II (r. 285-246 BCE).

6. The Sun Helios - Colossus of Rhodes –

The Colossus of Rhodes was a gigantic 33-metre-high statue of the sun god Helios which stood by the harbour of that city from c. 280 BCE, one of the most important trading ports in the ancient Mediterranean.

7. Moon - Temple of Diana of Ephesus - 

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus located on the western coast of Asia Minor (modern Turkey) was built in the 6th century BCE, and such was its tremendous size, double the dimensions of other Greek temples including the Parthenon, that it was soon regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world.

The Greek goddess Artemis (Diana to the Romans) was particularly important to the Ephesians, indeed her birthplace was considered by them as nearby Ortygia (for other Greeks it was Delos).

They all link up perfectly to the planets. This is certainly evidence of ancient nations and the people of 5 groups of 7 races, (where 2 were unknown), that managed to somehow, build something sacred to them where each are represented under one of the 7 planets.

For info on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, thanks to;


The magnificent Mausoleum at Halicarnassus sadly doesn't exist anymore.

A partial reconstruction of the e Nereid Monument at Xanthos in Lycia ( Wikimedia Commons )

Photos of the Mausoleum or Halicarnassus, 2013. ( Wikimedia Commons )

The statue of Jupiter or Zeus at Olympia

According to; The destruction of the temple of Zeus was ordered by Theodosius II in 426 AD. (

The remains of the Temple of Zeus today at Olympia, Greece. Photo by: troy mckaskle in 2011. ( Wikimedia Commons )

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, painting by Ferdinand Knab. ( Public Domain )

Assyrian wall relief showing garden in the ancient city of Nineveh. ( Public Domain ) As ancient origins asks, 'Was this the real Hanging Gardens of ‘Babylon’?'

How the pyramids used to look!

What the pyramids look like now!

The Pharos of Alexandria was the most famous lighthouse in antiquity.

In 1994, several French archaeologists found its remains in Alexandria's Eastern Harbour, on the seafloor.

The Colossus of Rhodes, depicted in a certain stance still argued by archeologists today as some think the statue stood on one mount and some believed the statue had a mount for each foot so that ships could sail under the statue.

The Colossus of Rhodes, depicted with feet apart.

The Colossus of Rhodes, ruins

Most of the descriptions of the original Temple of Artemis comes from the Roman historian Pliny the Elder (23 – 79 AD).

This model of the Temple of Artemis, at Miniatürk Park, Istanbul, Turkey, attempts to recreate the probable appearance of the first temple. (Wikimedia Commons )

Little remains of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus ( Wikimedia Commons )