Ancient Medicine

"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow" ~ Zhi Gang Sha

Please! please! please!, keep an eye out for these petitions and sign them.

Taking Cannabis shouldn't need to be this complicated! but those of you that wish to know the legal side in the UK, please read this article in the link below;

Indepth research is being done on this amazing plant worldwide!, but it still seems like the UK is in the dark about Cannabis and the miracles it can do that have changed the lives of many people in countries where it has been legalised.  The results are more fear-based in the UK, purely because of the lack of knowledge that is available in hospitals and various health centres, that should really be promoting Cannabis and its holistic health benefits. That said, I do see, hear and read very positive reviews that completely outshine the negative press and fixed views from Parliment, that have responded negatively to every petitiion signed so far, due to the signatures being far less in number than the their acceptable amount to even consider breathing out the word 'Cannabis'

You can read about many clinical trials that explain various health issues from mild to life-threatening, reviews from patience and much more from medical experts that explain in great detail, how Cannabis is a valuable asset to our lives.

I will be adding some links on the research I have mentioned, under this page in a new tab called 'Cannabis Research'. There you will find a wealth of information on the miraculous benefits of this plant.

Each of the 3 links above, contain many other petitions on the fight to legalise Cannabis not just in the medical industry but for the vital need to be able to supply privately. is full of families pleading to get the plant legalised so that they do not have to wait forever for Medical Cannabis to be used on their very sick and vulnerable children. These children are in desperate need of Cannabis. It only takes a few drops for massive results and positive changes to happen inside the body. Most families need to fight to be heard before their children are even considered to be 'eligible' to take Cannabis. It should be just as easy as buying paracetamol from the shops. It is far healtheir than buying paracetamol from the shops! So please spare a moment to look through the petitions. We never know who it will be that will need it the most. 

Thank you!