Ancient Medicine

"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow" ~ Zhi Gang Sha

Cannabis Research

This section will be for those that wish to do some indepth research around the medical uses of Cannabis and various clinical trials that have shown without a doubt that Cannabis saves lives and improves not only the physical body, but the emotional and spiritual healing of the soul too!.

I have added, several cases, that involve the use of THC as well, although CBD alone has numerous benefits by itself, it is important to add the benefits of both CBD and THC. 

CannaHealth - CBD and Cannabis Statistics

This article has a wealth of information and I have copied and pasted their intro, so you can read a little about them, before clicking the link:

"At CannaHealth, our team works hard to find the latest CBD and medical cannabis research and present their findings to readers in a clear and concise way. In addition to publishing summaries of the newest, interesting, and most important research, we wanted to create a page where you can easily find the facts related to your specific inquiry.

How to Use the CBD Statistics and Cannabis Page:

We’ve divided the results by ailment or category. Just use the Table of Contents to find the ailment or area of interest you are researching. For each, we’ve included the source, and the year the data was published. Study findings are listed in chronological order from top to bottom under each topic area.

For information that we’ve published elsewhere on the site, you’ll find a link to easily access that content. This page is being update all the time — consider subscribing to our weekly medical cannabis and CBD newsletter to stay on top of news and important research being done on the marijuana industry".

The Benefits of CBD with a little added extra

The Leafly website is one of my favourite sites to research from, as it is very clear and concise. They always have numerous additional links to other extremely good websites that keep an open mind on the WHOLE Cannabis plant, as apposed to some websites, that vaguely explain a fraction of the plant.

Here is a great article about why THC is also just as beneficial as CBD, although in the UK, it is still not legal to go above 0.2% THC, so have added this, purely for your own awareness and perhaps a reason to go abroad where this type of mix is legal and try out the CBD oils that have a little THC added. Everyone is different so please always be aware of what it is you are consuming. There are different plants for different purposes, (strengths of CBD and THC). In the UK most oils that are sold, come from Cannabis plants that have been grown specifically with a high CBD content and low THC content. Please always be aware of the ingredients of the oils you are taking.