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"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow" ~ Zhi Gang Sha

Ley lines!

Chakras in th body

According to; "In Sanakrit, Chakra literally means “wheel”. Which refers to centers of energy in the astral spine."

As Sadhguru, quotes from his lecture on, 'How Do Gurus Transmit Mystical Knowledge To Disciples', he says;

"They are always made in the form of triangles, but we call them a chakra, because when we see somebody, we see it more in a circle because we see it radiating a certain dimension of energy, because it's radiating, all radiation happens in circular form. You can throw a triangular stone into a lake, still the ripples are circular. Just like that, this may be a triangle, but when we see it, it is circular."


According to; oceanservice.noaa.go, "More than eighty percent of our ocean is unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored." This means there is bound to be deeper places under the sea than the currently recorded depths we have now.

Chakras on the earth but what shape??

That quote from Sadhguru, got me thinking about theories that have (but should not have), become very controversial in this western and modern society. One of those theories involves, being introduced, by a good friend of mine, to the theory of the flat earth. I can not call myself a round earther or a flat earther, due to the vast amount of questions that I still have on both subjects. I did wonder, however, what the Ley lines would look like on a flat earth, as most of the maps with ley lines show them clearly, on a round earth. Then it dawned on me that the earth's shape must actually be completely irregular, although perhaps not completely flat but flatter than we thought as an irregular shape. I will explain this in more detail., questions a picture that went viral a few years ago, where the earth was depicted without water;

It was an interesting read, although it mentions things like 'gravity', a force not bought by the flat earth community. For me it was not really about gravity, but more about that picture of an irregular shaped earth, making more sense than not. That said, my irregular shaped earth, in my head, is a lot closer to the common flat earth model and not the one shown in the link above.

Going back to Sadhguru's quote, I realised that it doesn't matter if the pictures that are said to be taken from space, of the earth were real or not! Although they are all edited anyway, they wouldn't give much proof of the earth's shape regardless of if they were genuine and true images. I say all this because of the illusion of absolutley everything in the material world and because of the contradictions that the mainstream make about the knowledge of our earth.


Considering what we say we know, about how much water covers the earth as well as knowing that most of the earth, let alone the sea has not even been photographed or explored, and our knowledge of how much water is contained in our atmospheres, enough to hold billions of microscopic droplets of water in one small area, (that can magnify everything into the illusion of seeing circles), there isn't much point in debating against any theory that comes to light. In other words we should embrace eachother's ideas.

Everyone knows that a drop of water can magnify anything that is beneath it. Even our eyes have moisture constantly running over them to help the eyes from drying out. How ever small the layer of water is, it still magnifies what we see, even if it is just a fraction more than what we'd see without moisture over our eyes. 

A bubble for example, has 3 layers that makes up its soap and water film, but together those layers look like only 1 layer. "The width of the bubble's layers are actually only 20,000 times thiner than a human hair", according to Tom Noddy, a world renowned bubble expert who appeared in 'The Code' documentary that can be viewed on Netflix.

Bubbles grouped together, makes up angles of 120 degrees regardless of their sizes but when similar sizes are placed together, they begin to form hexagons and the Law behind this phenomenon is exactly how bees make their hives. Why is that important when contemplating the shape of the earth???....


This picture shows, the most photographed places on earth and even if this map were on a flat earth plan, this would still be an accurate depiction of how much we do not know about our home! Look how much of the earth's rock, has not been properly explored or documented!

For a manistream program, it really does give some real secrets away.

I think this video shows how water can easily trick us into an illusion of thinking that we know what we are seeing when we don't, unless we are this case, by the smoke that fills the bubbles giving a solid feel to a 3 dimensional NON-SOLID shape, that preffers to be round.

....Well it tells us about the fundamental Law of Nature and it's constant need to be as economical as possible, to only use what it truly needs and no more. Water is a massive factor in the way we view our surroundings as it has the ability to hide or give shapes through the white light that refracts and splits into many colours, that sometimes, with this light vs the shadows, gives a personal perspective of height and depth, (buildings or mountains ect), that are most likely not the actual size and shape we think they are, let alone, the material rock-solid planet. A planet where more than 80 percent of our oceans have not been explored, mapped  or recorded in any way AND where the most photographed places on earth are all grouped up in specific locations around the world, leaving the vast majority of earth still undocumented.

That together with a society where most are prepared to believe what the majority approve of, for fear of being isolated and ridiculed. 

Going back to Ley lines and the vibrational frequencies of the earth and the chakra points that are in a triangular shape but look circular, due to the radiation of energy, gives us all we need, to realise that the amount of energy that is suspended in the atmosphere of the whole world is enough enery to radiate a spherical illusion. This energy that vibrates and accumulates in certain areas of the earth, and builds up due to a concentrated net-movement of water moving above and below the ground, will then be giving off the biggest radiated phenomenon known to all man. That being a spherical looking earth, when it most likely isn't spherical at all.

The enitre earth would then take on a different shape!, and this can be a round shape! BUT the round shape isn't the shape of the actual earth! The earth meaning the solid rock of earth, as this could indeed be a flat disk shape, or even square or triangular, (in my view, a totally irregular shape), because this earth radiates so much of, not only its own energy, but the energy of everything alive on it and around it!. This home of ours is the mother of all chakra points! Water stores all this energy in the atmospheres (hence water having memory). This energy then flows back down to the rock of our earth, penetrating it to produce all different kinds of shapes over time, and then it seeps down deep underground where lakes can be discovered and underground volcanoes can be detected. It then evaporates out into the air as the water cycle and acts as a barrier of moisture between us and the very small amount of knowledge that we have accumulated about what lies beyond this world we call earth.

I sometimes wonder if some of the Ancient Pyramids of the world were built because they knew that an aerial view of them, (in their time),would give off enough enery to produce a glowing effect via the vibrating molecules of water, under the ground and around their structures, enough so that the pyramids would change shape in the light of static electricty, if seen from above, which would send a sacred message to their Gods by replicating the illusory, spherical shapes of the stars that they saw as messages from the Gods to them.

If glowing orbs can still be seen today, around ancient pyramids then imagine what it would have looked like when the pyramids were in full working order. 

This video explains the amazing way the Pyramids may have harnessed this sacred energy, where the pyramids would most likely be glowing and radiating its sacred energy out towards the aether.

Ancient electricity, telluric lines and the phenominal mind of Tesla, who saw the massive potential of renewable 'implosion energy' that was clean and eternal! Video 'The Pyramid Code' is on Netflix, if you would like to see all the episodes, it is extremely interesting!

A big thank you goes to Mr. Lovegrove, who kindly gave me permission to use his amazing explanation about Ley lines on my site!

An extremely interesting and clear lesson about the phenomenon of Ley lines. After watching this, I just had to purchase, 'The Old Straight Track', by Alfred Watkins. Thanks again Mr. Lovegrove, for all this informative information and for allowing me to share it with others on my site! :)

Ley Lines and Telluric Lines

 The earth’s electricals markers and ancient knowledge of harnessing the earth’s energy on Ley lines, can also be described within the Telluric Currents.

Note that ley lines are a mysterious phenomenon that is produced by man-made monuments and Telluric Currents are the measurable scientific phenomena of low electrified current that moves with the earth’s surface. Telluric currents flow in the surface layers of the earth. The electric potential on the Earth's surface can be measured at different points, enabling the calculation of the magnitudes and directions of the telluric currents and hence the Earth's conductance. These currents are known to have diurnal characteristics wherein the general direction of flow is towards the sun.