Ancient Medicine

"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow" ~ Zhi Gang Sha

The amazing vocalized sounds of different tribes from around the world and their unique but significant dancing techniques.

Maasai jumping contest

Maasai warriors performing a jumping contest in ewangan village maasai mara

Amazing Documentary about the Maasai!

Tribal Odyssey - The Masai - The Last Dance of The Warriors

What the second dancer does in this vid, please do not do this at home. Extremely dangerous!

Stated in the vid's description: Mayan Warriors dancing at Parque Fundadores in Playa del Carmen. For the Maya, dance was a very public affair. It induced visionary trances where either individuals or groups went into an altered state of mind that allowed them to communicate with the other world.

Pre-Hispanic Maya Dances 4,Xcaret,Riviera Maya

Authentic pre-Hispanic ritual musicalized by the original rhythm and sound of the native music of Yucatan,Mexico!

Haka - History

Find out what the Haka means to the All Blacks, and the history and tradition behind this ritual.

Maori Dance

True Warriors!

Aboriginal Dance

The Aboriginal Dance Festival is all about the impressions! very good!

Brazil indigenous dance

culture of the Indians Kamayura brasil xingu

Beautiful sounds, great rythm, adorable child!

The Batwa is an African pygmy tribe in south west Uganda in the Kigezi district. The tribe is in danger of becoming extinct due to displacement from their forest habitat.

Batwa Pygmy Village Welcome dance

Batwa Pygmy village outside of Kisoro in southern Uganda

Sanyu Children's Choir Uganda and dance.

Please read the description below about this video.

Extract about the video, 'From The Childhood Mission of Uganda'

"One of the best traditional African dance performed by young people we've ever seen. Sanyu Children's Choir rehearsing one of the most popular Baganda tribe dances in their village of Katooke in Mubende District - Uganda. This was a great after-school program for these children but due to lack of funds after supporting them for a couple of years we had to close down this program. It was very heart-breaking for everyone and we hope one day God will provide the means to support this program in the future. For more information on how you can support our work visit:"

Lost weight just watching this!! Amazing energy!!

Exciting traditional female and male Zulu Dancing. Filmed by Tekweni TV Productions, a television production company based in Durban South Africa.

Beautiful Traditional African Zulu Dancing

Musically creative and extremely aware!!