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"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow" ~ Zhi Gang Sha

This page is dedicated to the beautiful art work by الحاج عربى محروس (Mr.Arab.Mahrous) from Egypt

Please take some time to look at these beautifully made pieces! Mr Arab.Mahrous has been an artist for many years, depicting the Egyptian life, its inhabitiants and natural surroundings, where he lives and echoes this in his work, so beautifully! His life around the Ancient Pyramids, means that his knowledge is very deep and his expertise is extensive. Talking to him about this is a great privilege.

Feel free to connect with him on Facebook:

If you do not speak Arabic and do not know anyone who can either, then make sure to use google translate or some similar engine. His work is for sale, but please discuss this with him directly. Thank you!


Art work by الحاج عربى محروس (Arab.Mahrous).

Mr Arab.Mahmous explained to me how he likes to teach and paint, makes rugs to hang on walls and promote history through creativity , incorporating nature with everyday life!

Dealer. Carpets.. Rugs. Manual. C C. Arabic. Guarded (الحاج عربى محروس) Arab.Mahrous.

Dealer. Donkeys. Rugs. C. Arabic. Guarded (الحاج عربى محروس) Arab.Mahrous.

The monkey And the siring Rugs. Bedouin. C. Arabic. Guarded (الحاج عربى محروس) Arab.Mahrous.

Roundabout. The sun Carpet.. C Blanc Arabic. Guarded ( الحاج عربى محروس) Arab.Mahrous.

Seller. Carpets.. hand carpets. C.. Arabic. Guarded

C Hand Arabic guarded

Beautiful Nefertiti... Carpet. C. Arabic. Guarded