Ancient Medicine

"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow" ~ Zhi Gang Sha

A little about this very talented writer....

Neale Ashley Jutzen has a great mind and is a profoundly deep thinker. He writes from a deep an inner sense of knowing. His creativity through his writing sends the reader into a different realm of thought. Highly enlightening pieces of work!

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The Book of Firsts

From the nothing, from before the beginning,

but with the Unseen and the Seen,

there was the Thought;

And the Thought thought it was alone,

between the loneness of its Lettering,

it began to shape itself into ways of thinking;

The Thought glanced over the vastness of the Unseen,

and began to think about itself seeing the Lettering for what it was;

It saw the past and what it was,

and the future and what it will be,

what it could be, and where they met,

It saw the dimensions of itself,

it saw shapes of forms that could,

the semantics and what would its thoughts want to think;

And what it could be and what less of what it should not be,

Thought's evolution became it devolution;

And more,

much more than this it saw for the more it thought,

the more the Thought became;

Some thoughts surviving while others died,

what survived began to think for itself and

became the first memes of a cognitive society

a triple helix of mind body and soul;

As the Thought thought more about itself,

the more aware it became of itself;

When it saw itself for the first time,

the Thought enjoyed what it perceived;

Growing weary,

the Thought rested for the Thought knew that no more could done more;

The Thought opened its eyes,

newly formed after untold millennium of thinking;

And at this very edge of the Iration,

it saw that all was well, it closed its eyes and began to dream of yet another dream.

It-is-Said, forever It-is-Said.

Beautifully written by Neale Jutzen and one of many that you can read, share and like from this page. If you would like to contact him about his work please follow this link to his facebook page;

Thank you!